The Bryneglwys Show has a number of Sponsors, both large and small and both private individual or larger corporate organisation, who give their support to the Show each year.

Becoming a Sponsor is an excellent way to further extend your link with the Show which this year will be held on Sunday 6th August  and gives a number of opportunities to present your organisation to a wide potential target audience, directly through a presence on the show ground, or by our acknowledgement system of posters, fliers, free website link, glossy show catalogue listing (issued free to over 1,000 individuals and organisations), website sponsorship and more.

Donation and Sponsorship levels range from just a few pounds up to several hundred and more, but on average, range between £25 to £200 in most cases. A single competition class in the horse show, for instance, can be sponsored for £25; the printing costs for the Main Marquee prize cards at £125 or the entire sheep competition, for instance, for £250. These levels allow us to cover basic costs only and are the level which allow Sponsors to have exclusive acknowledgement to a particular class or section of the Show and can maximise the connection for your company.

If you would like to discuss ideas you might have with a view to becoming a Sponsor, please contact our Press and Publicity Secretary, Gaynor, on 01490 450286 or e-mail the Show at  and we will be happy to consider your suggestions and work with you to ensure the best possible arrangement and fully explain the hospitality and benefits you and your company will have by way of our thanks.

Go to our Sponsors page and have a look to see some of the organisations who support us, a number of which have chosen to use our free hyper link service.