To be held on the Speed Shearing Stage in the Main Marquee

From 5:30 pm and into the evening

Numerous heats and competitions

Details: Mark Tustain 01490 450 393 / 07881 933449

Competitors taking part in shearing must hold a Gold Seal awarded by the British Wool Board

Prizes to Winners of Each Competition - kindly sponsored by Agrimin, Texacloth, Yale Barbers, Wilson Bros Contractors and Mark Tustain Agricultural Services

Sponsorship also kindly provided by Horner Shearing Supplies, Rumenco and George Mudge & Co, Devon

Contest kindly supported by Plas Yn Rhal Farm, Ruthin


Souvenier Bryneglwys Show Speed Shearing Vest to be awarded to each Shearing Competitor


Competition Timetable:

17:30 Local Farmer Competitions

18:00 Senior Competitions

18:30 Open Competition Heats 

19.10 Show Day Sheep Competitions - Presentations of Trophies by President

19:15 Team Relay Competitions

19:45 Open Competition Speed Shearing Championship  

20:15 Speed Shearing Competitions - Presentation of Awards

20:30 Evening Entertainment in the Main Marquee


Entry Fees:

Local Farmer Competition entry fee £10 per person

Senior Competition entry fee £10 per person

Open Competition entry fee £15 per person

Team Relay Competition (3 persons) entry fee £5 per person



Local Farmer Competition

1st Prize £30, 2nd Prize £20, 3rd Prize £10

Senior Competition:

1st Prize £75, 2nd Prize £30, 3rd Prize £20

Open Competition:

1st Prize £250, 2nd Prize £100, 3rd Prize £50

Team Relay Competition:

Winners Team Prize £45