Entry Fee: 50p per entry per class

Prizes: 1st 1, 2nd 50p, 3rd 20p

The Sally Stevens Memorial Cup to be awarded for the most points gained
(2 points for first place in each class and 1 point for second place in each class)


Judge: Ms Jane Drinkwater


1. Under 11 - Decorated Cupcake
2. Under 11 - Fruit Kebab
3. 11 - 16 - Homemade Biscuit / Cookie
4. 11 - 16 - Stuffed Vegetable
5. Men's Competition - Any Cold Soup


1. Fruit Tart
2. 4 Scones
3. 2 Merangues
4. Victoria Sandwich
5. Crumble (any fruit)
6. Tablet - see recipe below
7. Chocolate Pudding
8. Decorated Novelty Cake - Bryneglwys Show
9. Calzone (any named filling)
10. Decorated Cup Cakes (4 no.)
11. Afternoon Tea 4 different items (1/3 of the marks to the presentation)


Judge: Ms Jane Drinkwater

All to be (1lb / 454g) & include label

1. Jar of Marmalade
2. Jar of Lemon Curd
3. Jar of Mature Tomato Chutney (at least 3 months old)
4. Jar of Fruit Jam
5. Jar of Fruit Jelly
6. Jar of Honey
7. Jar of Mint Sauce


Judge: Mr Richard Jones

All to include label

1. Any Homemade Liqueur Aperitif (e.g. sloe gin, raspberry gin etc.)
2. Any Homemade Cordial (e.g. elderflower cordial, etc.)
3. A Bottle of Homemade Wine


(for Baking Open Competition, Class 6 above)


1kg White Granulated Sugar
400g Condensed Milk
100g Butter
Fresh Milk to dampen the sugar


1. Damp sugar with the cold milk in a large pan. Add the butter and
condensed milk, turn heat to medium-high
2. Keep stirring evenly until the mixture comes to a boil
3. Once the mixture boils turn the heat down low, stirring occasionally
to prevent the mixture sticking. When simmering the mixture can get
up to twice its original size.
4. The mix should start to darken slightly so keep stirring now and
then, it should take roughly 20 minutes to cook.
5. Put a little bit of the mixture onto a teaspoon and plunge it into a
glass of cold water, it should form a small sticky ball that should
drip off the spoon very slowly, when this happens the mixture is ready.
6. Take the pan off the heat and start to vigorously stir the mixture.
Large enough crystals are required so it will set but small enough to
still pour. When you feel the spoon starting to stir grainily on the
bottom of the pan it should be ready.
7. Quickly pour the mix into a buttered tray for it to set.
8. Please present as whole do not chop up.